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The Tandem Prayer Story


First, Tandem Prayer is essentially a new face on a historic and proven ministry. It is a fresh way of sustaining and enlarging the work we have known since 1994 as PrayerPower Ministries.

PrayerPower has proven its value. It began in 1994 as a ministry vehicle created by Jim and Kaye Johns, and has included others God would provide as helpers and fellow-laborers. Jim and Kaye had been instructed by T.W. Hunt’s Disciple’s Prayer Life and Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God. They understood prayer as God’s clear subject for their lives and work. Under the PrayerPower banner, they produced two video-based group prayer studies (Praying to Make a Difference and How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World) along with a daily radio feature, an informative newsletter, and a great variety of prayer guides, journals, and other prayer-teaching materials. They had led prayer conferences, seminars, and retreats in every corner of the United States, and in more than 250 locations on four continents.

But powerful changes are taking place today in every area of human life. Tandem is not just a new name; it is our way of responding to those changes with purpose and commitment. We have added to the team and this new website is the first step. We plan to use new technologies and platforms to reach more people, helping them pray in tandem with the heart and will of God.

Take a journey of prayer with us! Get started with a prayer time or enrich the time you are spending with God. No matter where we are in the journey, we can all grow and learn, love Him more, and go deeper into the most important relationship we have.

When we have that joy that comes from strong connection with God, we can’t help but want others to know how they can have that too. If you see something that touches you in a special way, please share it. If it touches you, it may touch your friends and family too.


Thank you for visiting Tandem Prayer, the new name and website for PrayerPower Ministries.  

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